Core Technology is an authorised Apple reseller, selling and servicing Apple and third-party hardware and software. Our business is aimed at meeting all your technological needs including support, troubleshooting, web and server based solutions.

We deal with any size organisation - from individuals to corporations. We currently service around 1875 individual workstations and 125 internet servers within the Sydney metro area.


• No techno-babble. We explain what we're doing before we do it, and we talk in your language - not highly confusing jargon. We are adept at providing clear, patient, concise information.

• A common-sense approach to high technology. Our aim is to serve you with the simplest, most practical and cost-effective solutions.

• Highly experienced staff. Our staff are incredibly experienced in day to day high-technology use, consulting, and implementation of solutions. When you talk to us you'll have access to our broad knowledge base and experience in a vast range of technological areas.

• We'll listen. And try hard to give you what you want, when you want it. We're happy to educate, inform and support you through any problem, difficulty, interest or enquiry.


CoreTech Aust Pty Ltd
ABN: 17 111 879 040
Phone: +61 2 9016 4475
Fax: +61 2 8088 7489

Banking Details:

BSB: 082 024
Account No: 577974280



Our sales services mean that you can get all the products and services that you may require from us at a competative price and within a reasonable time frame. Our staff have varying levels of workings within Authorised Service Centres, and we really know what we're talking about.

Troubleshooting Service and Advice

If you have a problem with anything at all, you can contact us and we'll try our best to find a solution to your problem. This links in with our Research Service, and our Technical Support service.

After-Sales and Technical Support

Our business is based in technical support. If you have a problem with any product, purchased from us or not, hardware or software, we will do our utmost to support you with it. That means any questions you have, we'll find answers. Any problems you have, we'll research them and try to find a solution.

Internet Hosting Services

Your email, web site and other internet server needs can be fully catered for with our broad range of web services. For the more technically minded, our offerings include the following:
- Standard Email accounts (POP3 and SMTP through Communigate)
- Spam filtering on all email accounts
- Secure Email accounts (Communigate)
- Web Mail access to email accounts (Communigate)
- Mail Lists
- Backup Mail Server Service
- DNS Hosting [BSD DNS]
- DNS Registration & Delegation [BSD DNS]
- Unix Accounts (SSH, TELNET, FTP)
- FTP Accounts (FTP)
- Static Web Site Hosting [Apache]
- Photo Web Site Hosting (using the Gallery PHP script)
- Statistics
- Database Hosting (MySQL, PostGreSQL, OpenBase, other)
- Dynamic Web Site Hosting (CGI scripted with PHP, Python, etc.)
- Web Application Hosting (WebObjects, Tomcat 4.0 (J2SE 1.4.2))

Web and Graphic Design Service

Many of our staff have also worked as graphic designers for web and print. We offer the services of these designers to you as part of our range of services. Our web designers are also well versed in scripting languages, allowing you to design dynamic content sites that have live updating data, etc.

Building Web Applications

We have web developers available that can create web-based applications to for any requirements - from simple single-purpose apps to complex web-driven businesses.

Consulting Services

This is where we talk about your ongoing needs and therefore project your changing system requirements. Together, we come up with solutions that are possible to implement depending on your needs, budget and requirements and also by assessing your existing in-place systems. Quite often consulting work leads to further research and then in turn implementing solutions.

Research Services

You can rest assured with our vast experience with finding information, sourcing products and learning new technologies that we are able to delve into finding out very deeply about anything that you're interested in at all. This service supports our consulting service in that all advice given comes from a real-world usage or researched case study of the technology or product in question.

Implementing Solutions

Your needs and requirements become reality when we implement the solutions we've talked about together from consulting.